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Sydney Day Escorts – The Sexual Liquor Readers

Whether you like it or not, a percentage of your personality is depicted in every objective preference you make. The material objects that you own exhibit your personality in ways more than one based on its core attributes. Believe it or not, the drink that you order when you head to bar tells a lot about you as a person and the sexual standpoint of your life.

Sydney Day Escorts

The professional courtesans of Sydney Day Escorts are fully experienced at sizing up their clients and pleasing them by their inner most desires. They don’t have to ask because they can sense it with ease. Your drinks are one of the definite give away on the type of man you are in bed.

Straight Whiskey

You are the type who would go for a full blow sex in one night and not do it ever again. Majority of the things that you do are inclined solely on your interests. You rarely do the same things twice. This depicts how masculine you are. Your musk for nicely aged liquor is erotically intoxicating. You are the type who insists on what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. If it’s a blow job you want, a blow job you shall get.

Light Beer

If this is your definite number one order in the bar, a soulful connection is what you intently crave for. You want to be engaged on trysts that will give you full access on her body – savouring every precipice of her luscious statuesque. The missionary position is something you will always do in the course of your flesh to flesh engagements. However, you’re the type who plays safe so you only linger in your comfort zone.


A man of class, you’re the type who knows what he wants and knows what he will do to get it. You’re the master of everything and you are not ashamed of showing it. As a matter of fact, you proudly exhibit it with any fancy object that you own. Supremacy is your strongest suit. You know girls will do anything to please you at their own will – intently accepting even if you have your sadistic sexual nature.

Lady’s Drinks

For a guy who has this type of drinking preference, it’s a definite – you’re the lady worshipper. You want to make your woman feel the euphoria of her existence. You’re the type who will revel on her brazen breasts by groping on her mounds and sucking on her nipples. You will not let anything hinder you from eating her pussy up – lashing her wetness with your tongue fuelled by your carnal desire to please her entirely

Rum Coke

The expert – you are the most solid of all the sexual exhibitions. You’re not keen on impressing women; instead you are only good at throwing yourself at them. You know yourself full well and that’s how you do it. You have sex like it’s your birthday every single time. You’re definitely the type of guy who comes to Sydney Day Escorts for a girl who will give him the pleasures that he fervently seeks.


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